Friday, October 16, 2009

Adorable Poses

Today, my lovelies, I would like to share with you one of my most favorite and adorable sites, it's sure to bring a sparkle to your heart! I am, but of course, speaking of! Quite possibly the cutest site out there that teaches you to... well, be cute! It has a great big long lovely list of all the different cute poses adorable Japanese girls strike so often! I think the the most cutest thing in the whole wide word is a lolita all dressed up in her pink sparkliest doing an adorable pose! Practice all of these cute poses in a mirror, so the next time someone asks for an adorable picture of you, you're ready!

Strike a pose!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10 More Ways To Add More Sparkle To Your Life

Hello my lovelies! It's been a while hasn't it? Today I shall be adding a bit more to my great big list of ways to make life sparklier. Now, don't forget that not only are these ways to add more literal sparkle to your lives, but also to add more sparkle to your heart! Because the more you sparkle on the inside, the more you sparkle on the outside! If you fill your heart with sparkles, you soon soar, on cute little rainbow balloons like adorable Cinnamoroll here ^^

  1. Go to a farm to look at some horses! Seeing such beautiful and majestic creatures are sure to bring a smile and a sparkle to your heart : )
  2. Drink hot chocolate will breakfast! It will warm you from the inside!
  3. Babysit an adorable little girl! Spend this time rediscovering your inner child. Color in Disney princess coloring books with glitter crayons while you watch lots and lots of cute cartoons and play dress up.
  4. Make a fort out of pillows and soft fuzzy pastel blankets, declare it your sparkle castle!
  5. Bake sugar cookies, color them pink with food coloring, and top them with pink glittery sugar crystals. Wrap them in pink cellophane tied with a pink bow and give them out to all your friends!
  6. Wear a pair of glittery false eyelashes! Whenever you blink or flutter your eyelids it will look like the world is coated in fairy dust!
  7. Go to the fabric store and buy lots and lots of pink tulle, make yourself a simple tu-tu out of this! Decorate the edges with lots and lots of glued on sequins. On days you feel frowny put it on and do a few spins in front of a mirror, reminding yourself you're a beautiful princess!
  8. Buy some curlers and a cute cap to wear over them while you sleep. In the morning your head will be filled with so many soft and pretty curls!
  9. Paint a self portrait! Add a crown to your head with gold paint and decorate the picture with rhinestones. Hang it in a pretty frame above your bed!
  10. Learn an instrument or practice singing! You will one day be just like Snow White saranading all the cute little forest animals with your beautiful melody.

Well now! My little list of ways to add sparkle to your life is now up to 30! Quite a long ways to go if I ever want to reach my goal of 1001, but it's coming along!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween, Lolita Style!

Hi everyone! It's Leelee-chan again, wishing you some magic on this lovely loli day.

Well, Halloween is coming up and while everyone else is breaking out the zombies and witches and other gross, spooky things, us lolitas are needed to bring in the cute!

So here's some Halloween ideas that won't send people running in the opposite direction, but rather towards you with praise for how absolutely kawaii you are!

- Grab a Disney Princess pumpkin carving kit to Princess-ify your pumpkins. Don't forget to wear a cute apron so you don't get pumpkin guts all over your pretty clothes!
- Forget icky spiders and web, hang glow in the dark stars from your cieling.
- Forget orange and black, pink and black are totally the new great halloween colors. Get some glitter and garlands and go crazy!
- Dress up your my little ponies, littlest pet shop, barbies, or what have you in halloween costumes and display them throughout the house.
- Or, buy some custom My Little Ponies special for Halloween!
- Host a costume tea party! Have guests dress up as characters from Alice in Wonderland to make it more lolita
- Forget pin the tail on the donkey! Use a unicorn!
- Want something a bit more classy? Host a masquerade party! Even better? Make it The Labyrinth theme. Find your own David Bowie to escort you.
- Remember those gross "put your hand in a bowl of grapes and pretend they're eyeballs" games every boring Halloween party seems to have? Make your own lolita version of it! Glitter as fairy dust! Tinsel as unicorn hair! The possibilities are endless.

And we all want absolutely adorable costumes right? Here's some to consider

- dress as a lolita princess. Think hime-lolita but with even more princess elements thrown in, like with a mini princess hat.
- or better yet! Dress as Alice in Wonderland, or a loli take on the red queen! Don't forget to dress your prince like the Mad Hatter!
- Angel lolita! It's perfect! Just throw on some white wings.
- Don't like angels? Fairies are just as magical
- Wa-lolita, qi-lolita, sailor lolita, pirate lolita! They're all practically made for halloween!
- Throw on your deer, kitty, puppy, bear print dress, put on some matching ears, viola! Instant costume!
- Punk lolita plus inflatable guitar? You're an instant totally cute punk rocker!
- Guro-lolita is old-hat and not kawaii at all. Cute it up with glittery "blood" and rainbow bandaids.
- Go as a lolita-style bride
- Don't forget that cosplay of your favorite loli idol is completely acceptable. Kana, Nana Kitade, or even Mana-sama!

Don't like these suggestions? Then come up with your own ideas to have your own super kawaii loli Halloween!
Happy Halloween Lolita-Chans!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some Beautiful Inspiration!

I hope you enjoyed the post from my lovely friend Miss Leelee-chan! She will be helping me with my humble little blog here.

Today's post is just a post of all sorts of beautiful pictures of all the wonderful things that inspire me to live a magical life. I do hope to do more posts like this from time to time, just to share some of my inspiration with the sparkleverse. Today's post is a few lovely pictures that are inspiration for the way I like to present myself as a princess. I must apologize in advance about where these pictures came from, for I do not know! I just have a folder brimming full of cute pictures that I like to take a peek at when I'm in need of a bit of sparkle.

Well well, that's all for now! I hope you found these cute images inspiring to your life!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lolifying Your Room with Border Prints

Konnichiwa minnachan! My name is Leera but I much prefer being called Leelee-chan. It’s much more kawaii don’t you think? I’ve been a lifestyle for a little over a year and a half and my lovely friend Miss Glitter Princess asked me to help with her blog, which I am more than willing to do! Isn’t it adorable? I’m very excited to help you all live out your Lolita lives with the elegance of a softly blooming flower.

So what I’d first like to talk about is one of my favorite activities. Decorating!

Lately lolita brands all over Japan have been putting out these absolutely adorable border prints that I covet with such passion. Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Metamorphose temps de Fille, and even Innocent World have been putting out more and more prints that embody the innocence of childhood.

Some examples of these adorable prints

Now, if you're like me and want to extend the beauty of lolita beyond just wearing dresses you can easily transfer this most adorable style of borders from your clothes to your decor!

How? With nursery wallpaper borders!

Sure, some can be just a smidge too childish, but with a lolita-tuned sense of taste you can easily go into the nursery section and pick out something that's just right for your room.

Here are some great examples I found on!

These duckies remind me a lot of an ETC print that came out a while ago!

Aren't these fairies absolutely darling?

Perfect for your inner princess! I wouldn't be surprised if Baby released something similar in the near-future.

Something for the fan of more classic pieces a-la Innocent World. I just want to snuggle these kittens!

So next time you think of redoing your private boudoir, consider getting a wallpaper border from the nursery or children's section. It may just be what you're needing for that final lolita touch.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bows! Bows! Bows!

Greetings my lovelies! I just want to share with you these three beautiful things that I am just coveting right now! All three are from the fabulous lolita brand Angelic Pretty. One of my most favorite of all the lolita shops out there! Oh aren't they just so sweet, they make me dizzy with joy just looking at them. I think the only thing that could make them even more perfect would be if they sparkled. Can you imagine it? If there was beautiful little delicate gold sparkles on the edges of all those ruffles? Or teensy weensy little diamonds scattered all over all of those bows? Why, I would probably die of happieness if something like that was released.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

20 Ways To Add More Sparkle To Your Life

Well now my lovelies, my first real post is going to be about the many wondrous ways you can add a bit of magic and sparkle to your already beautiful lives! While you don't have to complete them all, but you will get extra sparkle points if you do! I will probably be periodically making more posts like this. I hope one day to have a great big long and wonderful list! My goal is 1001 ; )
  1. Smile! All the time! Even if you're feeling down you'll find it's easier to look on the bright side with a smile on your face. And best of all, smiles are contagious!
  2. Buy a bedazzeler! This is your new best friend, it will add instant magic to everything.
  3. Bedazzel your bedazzler. Start gluing rhinestones, lace, and other bits of deco to it!
  4. Have a special day to eat an all cupcake dinner!
  5. The next day spend some time jump roping with a pink jumprope in order to exorcise off those cupcakes!
  6. Buy a fancy pastel tea set, and fancy it up even more with special gold porcelain paints.
  7. Start drinking all your drinks out of your new sparkly tea cups! Even if it's just soda.
  8. Add sequins and rhinestones to your favorite night gown! So you're PJs will remind you of a glittering night sky.
  9. Throw on all your most sparkly accessories and volunteer at a soup kitchen. You'll be doing a very nice thing, and you'll bring some smiles to people's faces.
  10. Have a movie night all alone. Watch adorable movies about princesses going on wonderful adventures into the wee hours of the morning. You'll find all your dreams are happy ones that night!
  11. Sew some cute embroidery with metallic threads onto your bras and underwear. Even if no one knows it's there, it's still a wonderful idea to have something sparkly in such a secret place.
  12. Paint your toenails glittery pink! It's another cute way to add secret glitter to your wardrobe.
  13. Buy a big pair of dark shades and decorate them with lots of sparkles and deco and then go out pretending you're a spy!
  14. Buy a couple dozen pastel colored fake flowers and glue rhinestones to them. Use them to decorate your bedroom or wear them in your hair!
  15. Dress up your pet in an adorable pet costume! Since it's getting to be around Halloween you're sure to find lots of cute princess costumes for dogs, or even cats.
  16. If you don't have a pet, or even if you do, volunteer at an animal shelter. And pick the sweetest and cutest animal there and give it a makeover. Buy it a rhinestone covered collar and play some puppy dress up. From puppy pauper to puppy princess!
  17. Listen to classical music! It's so soothing and beautiful. Much more beautiful than any of the noise on the radio today.
  18. Live out your favorite fairy tale for a day! Pick a princess and dress up like her and then spend the day pretending you are her.
  19. Buy a cute coloring book and some glittery crayons and start coloring!
  20. Take a cue from the French and greet your friends with a kiss on the cheek. Wear glittery lip gloss so you leave behind little fairy kiss marks!